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We cultivate connection, joy and creativity through free-flowing movement and dance.

Move and Groove offers creative dance classes and workshops designed for adults and children using play, sensations, full-body awareness and mental imagery to strengthen and awaken your muscles and mind.

From absolute beginners who want to get moving to those wanting to dance for a reason, professional artists Renata and Natasha create an inclusive and accessible environment for the community that is fun, playful and uplifting.

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Workshops/Classes Coming Up:

  • A free-flowing gentle and creative dance series .

    Started Oct 25

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  • A free-flowing gentle creative dance class. 8 week pilot program.

  • A free-flowing gentle creative dance class.

    1 hr

  • A fun and creative movement class featuring a range of activities.

    45 min

"Freedom and Energy...that's what it feels like to me dancing during Renata's classes"

- Natasha

Hello! I'm Renata. 

As a professional dancer I have over 12 years of international experience as a contemporary dancer.


On returning to my home country I found the need for self-care through dance to be increasingly important to my own wellbeing. Move and Groove was born when I wanted to share this incredible feeling it gave and decided to reach out to my local community to explore the positive impact of self-expression on mental health.

Learn more about me here.

I'd LOVE to hear from you!

Interested in learning more about Renata and Move and Groove? Contact us! Are you ready to sign up for classes, or just have a burning desire for movement? Get in touch today! I would love to connect. 

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