Renata's Story

An International dancer in a local setting

At Move and Groove, I provide dance classes exploring the freedom, fluidity and fun that dance can bring. Easily guiding movement and having some fun grooving to some great tunes, I help to free the mind, extend the body and help you to reconnect to your inner dancer.


My classes are engaging, effective, and designed for a range of targeted groups who are looking for the perfect form of exercise. Come dance with me to explore a new world of motion and emotion and get to know yourself in a whole new way.


A Life in Dance

Move and Groove in the Community

Using sensation, play, full-body meditation, mental imagery and creativity, Renata creates inclusive and accessible classes for the community that are perfect for anyone from absolute beginners who want to get moving, to those wanting to dance for a reason.

For me, the most important thing about dance is that it's a gateway to our most authentic self that requires no words, no justification and which offers direct access to experience greater personal joy. Movement is a language where we can speak the unspeakable and share the unshareable, freeing ourselves in the process. I teach for the joy and love of dance and believe that everyone CAN dance. It's an art form that stimulates both body and brain and is a wonderful, judgement-free way to feel physically great and keep mentally healthy.


An International Life

10 years of professional performing experience

An experienced professional soloist at dance companies in Montreal, Leipzig, Lyon, Nice and Madrid, Renata returned to Australia in 2018. Graduating from The McDonald College in the Inner West, she gained her Bachelor of Dance from Heinz Bosl Stiftung, a Classical Ballet school in Germany before diversifying to a more contemporary dance style during her many residencies as a lead dancer, soloist and choreographer in North America, Europe and Australia.


Focussing on the relationships between the emotions of individuals and the restrictions or freedoms of their surroundings, she has worked with companies of international, multi-cultural and multi-lingual dancers to produce high profile works of critical acclaim. Working to interpret established pieces for a modern audience and to drive innovation in movement and expression for unique contemporary pieces, she constantly asks her body to adapt and become flexible to new routines and expectations.

Since her return to the Inner West, Renata has committed to studying for her Bachelor of Social Work at Western Sydney University. Her increased focus on social issues has led to the development of dance therapies for Parkinson's Disease and work with The Right Foot program by DirtyFeet for people with and without disabilities. Having led classes at every level of dance and having a strong understanding of mind and body, the development of Move & Groove has become the logical progression of her international career as her interests become more entwined with community development and social inclusion.

As well as working with numerous choreographers in her career, Renata has also studied various contemporary dance techniques over her career, including Gaga technique, Countertechnique, Martha Graham and Cunningham. These diverse styles have helped her form her own unique style to teach and move in an effortless way.